Jokes: 7 Tally Marks for Dark Humor (Well, maybe not that dark.)

Every time I make up my mind to volunteer, I remember that there is a cost of living. I can barely afford it. 

The cost of living goes up every time I have to listen to customer's opinions on politics. The cost being my soul.

I should have one the award in HS for most likely to smile while dead inside. Not class clown. Or maybe those two have always been the same thing.

In truth, I did try to volunteer at an animal shelter but they wouldn't let me because they thought I would too pawtective of the critters.

My cost of living is high because my inspirations are bottles of champagne and cheesecake.

I'm not dead inside but I have swallowed a few bugs on accident. So the dead is inside of me. This was also what happens when you get raped by a zombie.

A baby smiled and waved at me in Wal-Mart today. Which means that he was the only person that was happy to see me so far in the month of February. Further, in the year of 2020.

Jokes: 9 Short Jokes for the Sake of Meta Humor

"I can finish 10 blog posts of high quality content today." 2 hours and 17 shots of vodka later and I'm wondering why the champagne isn't bubbly and why can't I get off the floor? Still happy though.  

I would've gotten up and got more done today but there was a 2-D animated rabbit messing with me all morning. I went to get carrots for him but he left to go mess with some hunter. 

That last joke was about Bugs Bunny. I fucking love Bugs Bunny. All other fictional bunnies can go fuck themselves. Bugs4lyfe bitch 

The irony of the first joke is that I never make high quality content. 

I went to the grocery store to get groceries but decided to burn it down on the way. Somebody beat me to it. So I volunteered for the clean up crew. I meant to spend an evening there and nothing was gonna stop me.  

Don't worry about that last joke, there is more than one grocery store in town. 

I'm glad February is almost over. My neighbor told me that the apocalypse is starting in March and that will probably be more exciting than working a Valentine's day event in a restaurant. 

Thanks to alcohol, I may have life threatening liver damage. But thanks to alcohol, I can find a way to smile about it. 

Full disclosure, I'm not smiling about that last joke, I'm smirking with my eyes low. 

The Answers: How to be a Piece of Shit at Work in 3 Easy Steps

Being a piece of shit at work is easy, and especially easy for people who are pieces of shit everywhere. If you're a lazy motherfucker then this list won't really make sense to you because you already do all of this shit by default. This is for the standard to good worker that is fed up with their bullshit work environment and want to learn a new way to conduct themselves at work. This is your guide for how to be a piece of shit at work in 3 easy steps.

The first and only rule to apply to these three steps is this: be uninvolved and take credit for everything good. This one rule will make your life so much easier and everyone else super pissed. Which is fine. Another name for this post could be "How to be Way More Selfish." Just think of those piece of shit lazy fucks that never do anything. They never work on a new project, never produce anything, never do anything. And yet, they still make it somehow. You are going to be one of those pieces of shit.

1. Work really hard for the first two weeks. You still remember how to work hard from doing it all your life. Now you just have to prove you can do it for 2 weeks. 2 weeks of excellence and the occasional 2 days ever there after is enough excellence to trick employers into thinking that you are good, but just having an off day. The kind of off day that turns into an off week, off month and then an off career.

2. Get clocked in and then sit down. This has to do with jobs where you are primarily standing. One way to make sure that you're sitting down as soon as you clock in is to save your bathroom trips for the moment that you clock in. Even if you're a guy, sit down for your pee. This is to permanently imprint on your mind that you must always be sitting and doing something that really isn't productive for the company. If something has to be done, you aren't the guy to do it. Everyone knows that if you're asked to do something, then they'll have to wait on you to lift your slow ass up out of the chair that you're in. Then you become a non-option for actual work. You just look at work as a place to hang out and get paid. Which is fine, if you're a piece of shit.

3. Take naps when you can and ask for a raise. You've already established that you won't be doing anything productive unless somebody is willing to struggle to get you to. This is great! Now you can start specializing your skill in finding places to sit down. By specializing, I mean finding more comfortable places to sit. This is to make it easier to get in your quick "power naps". When you're inevitably caught, you tell everyone that you "can't sleep lately, too stressed about work." This ploy for sympathy will make them feel guilty about asking you to get the fuck up and get something done. With that in place, you can groggily ask for a raise. You think that you'd be less stressed if your financials were in better shape. You're not asking much, just double pay for a reliable guy that always brings a great attitude. You're also responsible for everything good and had nothing to do with anything bad. All of this has been pretexted already if you've followed the steps correctly. 

So there you go, "How to be a Piece of Shit at Work in 3 Easy Steps." You'll never have to work hard again, except for those occasional two days in a row. After the 5 year mark at your company, you'll only have to surprise people with 1 day of hard work at a time. These techniques definitely won't get you fired. They will be so thankful for those once to twice a month hard work days from you that they'll be overjoyed just to be in your presence. 

Katherine Jenkins - I Vow To Thee My Country

Is there a more beautiful song than this? If you're not from the UK then just imagine that she is singing this song for your country. God I love this song. Doesn't matter how stoned drunk I am at the time, this rendition of the song can still leak a few tears out of my eyes. I also cry when I listen to Nessum Dorma by pretty much anybody that sings it. Your neighbor could sing Nessum Dorma and make me cry just because He/She tried their best to perform maybe the most beautiful song I've ever heard. I'm so drunk that my face is numb right now lol. So here is what the really boozy Comedy Apprentice is like. Crying at patriotic music and eating chicken biscuit crackers. They are so good. I should write a review for them. Anyway, cheers!

Shot Glass Thought: Some People Won't Move Out

I don't know why, but there are so many people living with their parents for way too long. I know a few Narcissists that moved back in just to have a consistent group of people to torture. One in particular that stands out is an Instagram model wannabe that celebrates shit like becoming an assistant manager at a makeup company like she just became the first female president. Way to go, enjoy your $15/hr which is way less than most full time servers. She is one of those broads that hangs out in the empty ass mall all day melting her hair out as a demonstration for potential customers. Living the dream yo, keep on hustling till you're bald. I guess then they'll transfer her to the high end doo-rag department. 

It's definitely not all women though, not even close. I know a dude that is in his 30's and he has never moved out and never intends to unless he's getting married. But nobody wants to marry a 33 year old baby. So, he's gonna be living there till his parent's die and probably afterwards too. He's graduated college and has a pretty decent job, plenty of expendable income. Yet, he does nothing. What's the deal? Why do people do this? Is comfort that important to people? I don't know why the narcissist broad or the dumb guy won't grow up. Maybe they've got the same issue, both are incredibly selfish.

I am a loner, live alone, work alone pretty much and chase my dreams alone. Maybe I'll never get to where I want to be. To the place in life that I'm striving to get to, but at least I'm not back home torturing my parents with my constant bullshit. I don't cause constant bullshit, but being at home past the ages of 18 to early 20's is a fucking nuisance. I don't really care what the reasons are for being back with your parents for the long term, move the fuck out. It's not healthy to keep living with them like a baby. Get out here in the world with the rest of us miserable fucks and start cooking your own meals and doing your own shit.

Shot Glass Thought: Life Keeps Going No Matter How Badly You Fail

This is not a message of inspiration. Nor should anyone take heart knowing that there will be more opportunities for them in life no matter how bad they fuck up. This is a reminder that unless your fuck up kills you, you'll have to go on living as a fuck up. Pretty much all the time in life, you'll swing and miss on the most important days of your life. I've already struck out on 2 love of my life candidates. Honestly, I wasn't that close to sealing the deal with either of them. At least with one of them I did my best. I still pester them with my friendship and I'm thankful for that. But you should not be.

My family and teachers wanted me to go off to University and become some kind of great academic and for while, I really gave it my best shot. But I failed, and the reason why I failed is because of a prior failure that I never dealt with. I failed to achieve my own financial independence until I had already left for college. I failed to realize that I had no interest in college and only wanted to become a comedian. So I started drinking and letting that consume me which led to the failure in school and helped to orchestrate the failure with a possible dream come true kind of woman. I have succeeded in becoming a pretty good bartender. I've succeeded in writing tons of jokes and posts for this website. That's pretty much it.

The things that I have accomplished, I am proud of. I am a good friend and a pretty safe driver and blah blah blah. All the peripheral shit I have down. Maybe there is still time to find that third love of my life candidate and maybe she'll be worth all the waiting and sorrow. But the other things that I've failed haunt me everyday. The love I had for basketball and all the injuries that I absorbed from it has left me in chronic pain. All for nothing. The family members that I spent the most time with weren't the ones that I should have been with. I've lost the ones that I should have visited more. The time spent elsewhere, was all but wasted.

Before you ask, yes I'm down in the dumps. I feel so far from where I want to be and I'm only barely out of a miserable situation that required an unbelievable amount of effort to get away from. So what do I do now? I just keep going and try to be kind to myself. I know I'm a failure and piece of shit for the most part. I know I've let down every expectation, but I'll just keep writing jokes anyway. I don't know what advice I can give except keep on moving forward and don't be like me.


Murder stories on YouTube responsible for brutal killing of entire workday.

Aloof kitchen sink too far for cotton mouthed stoner.

Ex-Pilot becomes deep sea diver reaching all time low.

I'd have sex with a robot but only if it took me out for cheesecake first. 

The Answers: Why Should I be Afraid of Strangers in Rural North Carolina?

The reason why you should at least be cautious of strangers in rural NC is the same reason why you should be cautious anywhere. There is no more evil a creature, nor a creature capable of more evil than a human being. This is why the world of business, sales, exchanges of good and services is so comforting to me. There are incentives in place that protect you from complete unbridled insanity. Make no mistake, I've worked for and with plenty of nut jobs. Some people might consider me to be one of those nut jobs. You're just less likely to be abducted and killed by the guy that you have a turkey sandwich with in the break room everyday.

Out in the woods, out in the sketchy part of town at a sketchy party, there is almost no predicting what can happen. On the scale of paranoid, I fall somewhere in the middle of slightly paranoid to "Why is my toaster telling me to groom my neighbor's dog?". I am slow to trust and really quick to peace out. I don't like circumstances that mess with my gut feeling. I'll bail on almost anything if I get a bad feeling about it. Another one of my good rules is "If you feel like you're being watched, you are." Your senses are stronger than you think. My paranoia and distrust of my fellow man is much stronger. I've watched far too many crime documentaries to start buddying up with strangers and making tons of new friends on a whim. 

All this being said, I'm really considering becoming a RentAFriend. It's a real thing, believe it or not. You can be paid to be someone's friend for an afternoon. The rates range from 10-50 dollars an hour. You are usually asked to show people around town, go out drinking or go to the movies. Stuff like that. I think I might love that. Plus, I'm not really the kind of person that rapists are looking for. I'm a hairy, old bald fat guy. That's not prime rapin' material from what I've read about rapists. Plus, I'm a great friend. I can make you laugh, I'm a good conservationist and a better listener.

People find me to be really easy to trust and be around. I am not totally sure why that is but it is. I think I'd like to specialize in hanging out with old people if I go through with it. I can absorb their wisdom and they have someone to talk to. It's a win win. Plus, it's pretty hard to get raped and abducted by someone in their 80's when you're a 26 year old in his 40's.

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